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Johnson Group Aviation Services, LLC offers expertise in the following areas of Aviation.

     * Aerodrome Management, Operations, and Training,
     * Intermodal Planning, Development and Operations,
     * Aerodrome Safety Standards & Regulation Development,
        Enforcement, Training, and Operation, including Safety
        Management System (SMS),
     * Aerodrome Security Regulation Development, Compliance, and
     * Planning, Development, and Operation of Industrial and Commercial
        Parks on Aerodrome Property,
     * Planning, Development, Training, and Regulation Enforcement,
        relative to Fire Rescue Services (FRS),
     * Transition and Development of International Aerodromes,
     * Planning, Development, and Operation of Free Trade Zones,
     * Evaluation, Inspection and Audit of Aerodromes utilizing ICAO
     * Business Development of both Aviation and Non-Aviation at         Aerodromes,
     * Manual Development including; Certification, Safety, Security,
        Policies, Procedures, Rules & Regulations, etc.
     * Linguistic Services; emphasis on Arabic translation service,
     * Reviewing country regulations and standards, and preparation of         agencies for audits by various regulatory agencies and organizations.         Also, developing action plans for remedying audit findings, and filing         with ICAO all differences between country laws, standards, and         regulations and ICAO's International Standards.
     *Providing Technical Audits for International Aviation Projects

Johnson Group Aviation Services, LLC has assimilated expertise in Advising, Consulting, and Operating Aerodromes for Aerodrome Owners and Governmental Agencies in the above areas of aviation while
working with various aviation standards and regulations in several countries including: the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)(Regulations and Advisory Circulars) in the U.S.A.; International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)(Standards and Recommended Practices) in several countries; Presidency of Civil Aviation (PCA)(regulations) in Saudi Arabia; Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA)(Standards and Regulations) in Egypt; Icelandic Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA)(Standards and Regulations) in Kosovo; and Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) (Standards and Regulations) in Croatia.

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