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Johnson Group Aviation Services, LLC is an International Aviation Management & Consulting company with more than 40 years expertise in providing executive
level work on a global basis including business and inter-modal development and
operations, strategic management, and other international contractual work
worldwide. Assisting Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) and Governmental Agencies in strategic development of Safety Management Systems, preparation for USOAP, EASA, and FAA audits, as well as performing technical audits of aviation projects for Governments and ICAO have been a principal focus of the company.

The company is particularly interested in Joint Ventures and Partnerships with
other established International Aviation Management and Consulting firms in
order to fulfill various types of global aviation contracts and business ventures.

The general focus of the company is in the Transportation area with specific
emphasis on Aviation components and Inter-Modal activities as they relate to
Aerodromes. The overall development of Aviation includes the creation of
diversified Business Plans for Aerodromes incorporating the development of both
aeronautical and non-aeronautical fee structures to stimulate the finances and
expansion/growth of all components of aviation within a country, including
Government Offices, Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs), Aerodromes, Airlines, and
various elements of Inter-Modal activities involved in all elements of the
Transportation Industry.